Top 10 SECRET PLACES Censored By Google Earth

These mysterious hidden locations are secret places in the world censored by google earth for various reasons. Find out why Google earth doesn't want you to see these things from their google maps and google earth software!
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The Coordinates of each place in order are below (you may have to download google earth and use 'historical images' to view the censored pictures as they are updated frequently):
10. 51°39′27.54″N 5°42′12.58″E ; 9. 25.107496°N 121.535756°E ; 8. 27°47′45″N 86°48′50″E ; 7. 40°27'29.3"N 93°23'35.3"E ; 6. 62°10′05″N 094°45′03″W; 5. 42°16'45.4"N 3°14'20.9"E ; 4. 21°50′S 138°50′W ; 3. 62°23′30″N145°09′00″W ; 2. 43°11′56.11″S74°15′50.91″W ; 1. 50°57′39″N 006°02′33″E

Featuring... Volkel Air Base, Netherlands, - Although based in the Netherlands, the Vokel Air Force Base definitely has connections to the US, and has routinely served as both a base of operations, munitions storage, and repair facility for the 52D Fighter Wing which is part of the United States Air Force. National Security Bureau Headquarters, Taiwan– There has always been conflict between Taiwan and China, with Taiwan trying to assert its independence and China claiming it as part of their country. R Kangtega Mountain, Nepal– high in the Himalayas, Kantega became the source of UFO conspiracies when a giant blacked out portion on one slope was discovered on Google Earth. Taklamakan Desert, China,– although not strictly censored by Google Earth, a bizarre collection of weird shapes carved into the earth in China’s extremely remote Taklamakan Desert near Kashgar might as well have been hidden from prying eyes simply because of their isolation. Thanks to an Italian academic who was doing anthropological research, however, these intricate geometric designs were discovered, and while there is still no solid evidence of what they are most critics suggest they’re probably the result of mining operations as the result of China trying to open up a new economic zone in Kashgar. Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada– There have been a number of versions of this apparent censored region going as far back as 2008. Roses, Girona, Spain– The north eastern half of this Mediterranean city, for some reason, has been entirely blacked out on Google Earth, and the unusual shape of the black outed region has led to considerable speculation. Again, of course, there are rumors of alien influences, but a more realistic theories revolve around privacy issues, since Roses includes a very wealthy population of inhabitants. Money may not be able to buy you love, but it can certainly buy you privacy. Moruroa Atoll, French Polynesia– during the hey-day of nuclear proliferation in the 1960’s, French Polynesia became one of the major testing grounds for these doomsday weapons, provoking international protests as recently as 1995. HAARP installation, Alaska, US – HAARP, or the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, first got started in 1993 in order to look at the effects of ionospheric advancement on radio communication. Tantauco National Park, Chile– located in the heart of one of Chile’s largest national parks is an odd rectangular blur which is relatively small in comparison to the rest of the park. NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Germany– as part of NATO’s Early Warning System, this base has acted since the Cold War as one of Europe’s main facilities for monitoring and maintaining air security.

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